Urban Climatology

  • Large and slow motions are handled by a tethered balloon

  • Small and fast 6 d.o.f. motions are handled by dextAIR

  • Safety of the system is increased by the tethered balloon

  • Possible tasks

    • IR scanning of urban environments

    • 3D reconstruction of urban environments using mobile LIDAR


  • Large and slow motions are handled by a mobile platform

  • Small and fast motions are handled by dextAIR

  • Possible tasks

    • Precise and parsimonious fertilizer or pesticide delivery

    • Mechanical removal of weeds

    • Automated harvesting


  • Pick and place of items or parcels

  • Vision-guided packaging and palletizing

  • Large warehouse monitoring


  • 3D printing of house or building

  • Active stabilization of heavy load suspended under a crane

  • Accurate vision-based positioning of heavy loads


  • Sports events broadcasting

  • dextAIR is used to stabilize the camera and to control pan/tilt angles

  • dextAIR is suspended to a cable-driven parallel manipulator (CDPR)

  • The CDPR is a 4-cables suspended robot anchored at the 4 corners of the stadium superstructure

Street Art

  • Automated painting on large vertical surfaces

  • The spring may be coupled to a cable wound around an actuated winch to extend the workspace vertical size

  • Vertical mosaic construction is also possible