dextAIR concept

  • Robotic carrier

    • Large workspace

    • Slow motion of the anchoring point

    • Can be inaccurate, light and flexible ⇒ cheap

  • Aerial wrench generator

    • Fast motion around the equilibrium point

    • 6 degrees of freedom wrench generation (forces and moments)

    • Accurate positioning thanks to visual servoing

    • Gravity compensation with a spring

    • Power may be provided by a spring cord

What is the maximum workspace size of dextAIR ?

The robotic holder may be a cable-driven parallel robot. Currently, such robots like the SkyCam, may cover an entire football stadium.

What is the maximum acceleration of dextAIR ?

It depends on the thrust/mass ratio of the aerial wrench generator. Our current prototype is able to achieve 0.75 g at the equilibrium point.

What is the maximum accuracy of dextAIR ?

Our latest assessment using the ISO 9283 protocol yields a repeatability of 1 mm for the translations and 1 deg for the rotations with a basic control law (feedback linearization with PID).

What is the maximum payload of dextAIR ?

It depends on the thrusters. The current combination of motor+propeller+battery (T-motor f40 pro III 2400 kv, DALPROP 5045, Tattu 3s 2300 mAh) yields a lift of 15 N at the equilibrium point. Using more powerful motors like the T-MOTOR U15Ⅱ KV80 may yield a lift of up to 720 N at the equilibrium point.

Is dextAIR a drone or a robot ?

dextAIR cannot be considered as an aircraft since there is a permanent physical linkage to the ground. So it is not subjected to the regulations that apply to drones. It complies the definition of a serial robot : a computer-controlled actuated multi-linkage mechanical device with only one connection to the ground.

What is parsimonious robotics ?

"Parsimonious robotics" may be equivalent to "low-cost robotics." It's a robot that fulfills a specific task with minimal compromise on performance and minimal resources (energy, raw materials). dextAIR is a parsimonious robot, it costs less than €1000 without the robotic carrier and needs an average power of 150 W to move around its equilibrium point.